NCS prides itself on being a full service company providing solutions to the cable industry. Vertical market focus means that NCS is organized to provide services which address the exigencies of that marketplace and its unique requirements. As, essentially an extension of the client’s system, the NCS relationship is transparent to subscribers as the services are seamlessly integrated with the client’s internal systems and processes.

Primary function focus also increases the speed of NCS’ retention/recovery efforts thereby promoting faster ROI. NCS allows clients to reduce the risks associated with implementing wide-reaching retention/recovery initiatives by lessening the strain put on client resources.

As a ‘virtual’ partner, NCS allows its clients to focus on their core business, provide better service and retain a higher percentage of customers. The company operates on a transaction based cost model scaled to mirror demand trends. This allows the client to transfer fixed costs (higher) to a variable (lower) cost model.

We have proven, in cable systems around the country, that the most effective collection strategy stresses personal contact with our clients' customers. We are a people-oriented organization with a people-oriented philosophy. In light of the fact that client systems' primary objective has been and still is to retain as many customers as possible, we are pleased to be able to state that we are known to achieve and often exceed client expectations.

Based on our understanding of how most cable systems work with respect to bottom line budget issues, we feel that our contribution to our clients is performance that is not only both positive and significant but also financially gratifying.

  • A full service company providing solutions to the cable industry since 1984
  • A workforce of dozens of collectors that has worked from Florida to Washington state, Wisconsin to Texas and numerous states in between
  • A committed “partner” to many of the top cable providers in the country from historical ATC and United Artists to today’s current largest providers (such as Comcast)


  • We manage and staff locally
  • Our staff is trained to adhere to a “people oriented” and sales focused philosophy aimed at maintaining good relationships with our client’s subscribers
  • We make every effort to be forward thinking from a technology perspective as technology is of great importance to our business and our clients -- we use it heavily to streamline workflow and process information efficiently
  • We establish relationships with Property Managers of MDUs for assistance in our efforts
  • We bill only for what we recover
  • We maintain client driven recovery protocols
  • We possess outstanding retention and asset recovery records


What We Do :

Equipment Collection/Recovery

Sales Focused Subscriber Retention Activities

Promotion of Subscriber Offerings/Upgrades

How We Do It :

  • We recover as many pieces as possible of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) from delinquent customers who have been disconnected and voluntary disconnected customers
  • We visit every address for every account provided by our client
  • As a virtual extension of our client's system, our relationship is transparent to their subscribers as our services are seamlessly integrated with their internal systems and processes







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